Welcome to the Taff Vale Railway 28 Project


The first stage of TVR28's restoration requires us to raise £32,000, to complete the overhaul of the 'bottom end' to 'rolling chassis' state, and to strip down the boiler ready for this work to commence. To date (29/02/20) we have raised £25,030, if you would like to donate £10 to our cause, please use the adjacent button:


The ongoing restoration of TVR28 will require us to raise money on an ongoing basis. The best way (as far as the locomotive is concerned!) for people to do this is to sign up to give money on a regular basis. We have two ways of doing this - the "GRAND SLAM" appeal, which is asking people to donate £1,000 either as a lump sum, or a regular payment of £40 per month for 25 months. In return for this commitment, Grand Slam donors will be offered ‘behind the scenes’ tours as the restoration progresses, free and discounted TVR28 merchandise, and invitations to an exclusive “Preview Day” to be staged the day before the official return to service and for those on smaller budgets, the "TRIPLE CROWN" appeal offers a lesser range of benefits for £10 per month for 25 months. To participate in either the GRAND SLAM or TRIPLE CROWN appeals, please use the buttons below:

To donate £1000 as a lump sum to the Grand Slam appeal, please click here
To donate £40 per month to the Grand Slam appeal please click here
To donate £10 per month to the Triple Crown appeal please click here

The restoration of this unique survivor of Wales' railway heritage to operation has been fully scoped and costed, and is expected to cost approximately £160,000, the timescale being subject to availability of funds. We have already been successful in one grant application, for £18,000, and we have other applications in progress. However, a return to steam cannot be achieved without donations from private individuals. We have a number of fundraising ideas for different stages of the project, and details will be posted here as each one "goes live", so please watch this space for more information, and help us if you feel able to do so.


Thanks in advance from the TVR28 team.