Welcome to the Taff Vale Railway 28 Project

Hi! Officially I am Taff Vale Railway O1 Class locomotive No. 28, but I much prefer to be called "Taffy" - it reminds me of my home in the Valleys of South Wales. Because I can't use a keyboard, I have asked my friends at the Gwili Railway to keep this blog for me.


I was really excited to see myself in the latest issue of Steam Railway magazine! Have you seen it yet? If you don't want your other half to see you having a sneak peek, you can get a digital copy at: https://pocketmags.com/steam-railway-magazine

There are EIGHT pages all about me and the people who are looking after me! I am really hoping it can be the start of my journey back to steam, and that my firebox will be nice and warm again soon...


Please consider making a donation on the Fundraising page, and help me to steam again soon!